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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions listeners have been asking us. If you have a question (not listed below) we invite you to contact us.

Why doesn't your audio stream work with the older Windows Media Player?

The Older Windows Media Players are configured little differently and may use a different codec. Try downloading a new player from the windows website. We use Windows Media Player 11.

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Why does your audio breakup?

Your computer internet may be too slow for our high bit rate. Try upgrading your connection to DSL or a cable modem. Many companies are offering short term specials. It may not be that expensive. If you live in California, give Steve a call at 925-465-5471. In the future we plan to run a lower speed stream as an alternative to out high speed stream. Please stand by!

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Why doesn't your Streaming Audio play on my computer?(High speed connection)

Perhaps your computers player hasn't been activated yet. See if other radio stations play on your computer. If they don't, you may need to reinstall or upgrading your player. Try going to players website and try upgrade or you can also do a free download on our listen page. The last player that you download may become your default player. Look at the installer boxes when installing. When downloading any new programs, it's always a good idea to use system restore. For more more information go to our cool links page.

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Why does your stream go down sometimes?

From time to time we have to turn off our stream for during certain programs or sometimes our internet goes down. Sometimes turning off the internet feed is a requirement to carry a show and it is beyond our control. In the future we will run a different program on the internet to prevent dead air. Please stand by!

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